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buttery smooth
user education
and retention
into your
product easily
Open-source customer engagement infrastructure that’s here to save developers time and headaches.
Announce product or company updates.
Highlight and explain important features.
Give users a tour of your product.
Set users tasks to complete.
Nudge customers along product journeys.
Ensure you always engage at the right time.

We provide the infrastructure, you bring the UI.

This means you can power any user engagement within your application, so you can supercharge product adoption and customer success - here’s a few examples.

What will you build with Crumpet?

Have a look through our examples for inspiration or start from scratch.

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Product tours

Show new users around your product and demonstrate it’s value add.


Set tasks for your users to complete so they get the most out of your product.

Upselling dialogs

When the time is right, engage with customers and let them know what you have to offer.

More efficient than building from scratch, more freedom than traditional digital adoption platforms.

We cater to product teams that want the flexibility that a more technical solution offers, unlike traditional platforms like Pendo, Intercom, Chameleon or Appcues.

Intuitive customer engagement infrastructure.

Our customer engagement infrastructure is the butter to your crumpet - essential and seamless.

Model engagements in a flow builder.

Engagements in Crumpet are just simple state machines, blocks represent the state and events transition state through the flow.

Access, manage and transition user state from code.

Access user states of any block and transition users through flows by calling the defined transition event. Use our API or SDK to interact with your defined flows in Crumpet, so you can move users through product journeys easily.

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Segment and target your users, at scale.

Butter up your audience and spread your message effectively.

Share data easily.

Identify your users and share as much or as little data as you like with absolutely no schema migrations.

Reverse ETL and CDN integrations are in the roadmap.

Create complex user targeting rules.

Choose who should see your engagements by segmenting customers into groups based on shared criteria. The data you send is just JSON, which means you can create targeting rules on any properties you like.

Configure simply, engage purposefully.

Spend less time building out your customer engagements and spend more time building your products.

A powerful, yet familiar query language and block builder.

If you’ve used JSON before, you already know how to interact with data in Crumpet.

Make adjustments easily without migrations or code changes.

Using our engagement manager, you can make changes to any customer engagements without subsequent deployments.

Simple building blocks to create rich engagements.

Everything is as simple as possible and nothing simpler!

Extendable, customisable and proudly open-source.

Get full access to the source code on GitHub and why not give us a star while you’re there?

Own your data, host on your terms.

With on-premise hosting, you’re the owner of your customer data so you never miss any regulatory compliance.

Built with you, for you.

We’re committed to being developer friendly because we believe that’s the only way to ensure the product stays innovative as it grows - so tell us what you want to see.

An accessible and open platform.

Build on top of our code base, or extend our public API, you can tailor Crumpet to your needs without fighting a sales team.

Start today.

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